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zipSTOP offers unique braking technology for zipwire's
The zipSTOP zipwire braking system will revolutionize the challenge course industry. The zipSTOP uses a self-regulating magnetic brakingsystem to
Zip lining is a one-of-a-kind experience.
Imagine competing with your best buddy; at a daunting height, jumping off a dam, crossing past a picturesque water body, diving through fierce wind, enough to
The creators want to build an 800-foot long zip line, called Zip the Grand, across the Grand River.
Zip the Grand would be located near the “Blue Bridge.” On each side of the zip line will be a
Experiencing nature actively during childhood essential for growing into healthy adults.
Bringing children back in contact with nature at an early age is one of the core objectives of the operators of
The first line runs one kilometer and the return line makes a 1.2 kilometer in length.
Another attraction now awaits nature lovers and enthusiasts as construction for the 2.2-km Makilala zipline has