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Underground zip-line offers chills and thrills.
I’m preparing to jump off a 70-foot cliff into a pit of darkness, or as they like to call it around here, “Hell.” I’m shivering slightly. I’m not sure if it’s
What does a tree house mean to children?
So what does a treehouse offer children? First of all, it's a place to escape to, away from supervising adults. It's a place that offers freedom from the
Universal accessibility in ropes course.
A high ropes course under construction is being designed for "universal accessibility."
That means it can be used by people with all levels of disability as
Introduction of the zipSTOP IR Zip Line Brake.
The zipSTOP IR is a more streamlined version of the popular zipline brake, the zipSTOP. The “IR” stands for internal reduction, meaning that the device
Museum aims at wider audience by adding zip lines.
The Museum has added a bug exhibit that would fit right in at a natural science center, an outdoor zipline course and a display examining whether the