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Huski Travel invests in expansion leisure concept.
This week we constructed and delivered a new High Ropes course for Huski Travel in Belgium/Ardenne. Including mayor maintenance to the existing

Smart Belay- A revolution in the self belaying product sector.
Belaying with conventional self protection systems still carries the risk that the park visitors can completely detach themselves from the
Two more cables are planned that connect the acclimation course to the high ropes course.
The course starts in a small side ravine with the acclimation course, five short cables that are not far off the
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly like a bird between the trees?
H was describing the sensation of weightlessness while zipping by rock bluffs under a canopy of colors. “This is
The owner says the project will consist of five separate courses with varying degrees of difficulty.
Each of the five courses will be made up of 10 rope-based elements such as wobbly bridges,