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Interaction with nature reduces symptoms of ADD in school aged children.
When we do succeed in tearing our children away from the screens, we tend to shepherd them toward structured outdoor play like
It’s a great outdoor activity for families, friends and groups.
Zip Lines have been growing in popularity across the nation and are a fun way to explore your sense of adventure. Participants fly
We want them to stretch their boundaries.
It's basically challenge by choice. In the last exercise of the day, students were asked to strap on a harness and climb a 30-foot pole and stand on top.
The facility is being built and one of the chief features will be a 60-metre zip wire.
Featuring a zip-wire, climbing wall, high and low rope courses and more, all built around a main activity
Many children and youth are experiencing an absence of direct experience with nature.
Children are experiencing an absence of direct engagement with nature, including less free and unstructured