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Recent events involving zip lines have highlighted a need for information about zip line safety.
A zip line (also known as a zip wire, flying fox, or canopy tour) consists of a pulley suspended on a
The managers first meet in a classroom to focus on principles such as awareness, honesty, integrity and trust.
Two women who had just met soon found themselves 25 feet off the ground, gripping each other
Visitors soon can swing through the trees.
Visitors to the Park soon will be able to swing from the trees Tarzan-style when an above-ground series of zip lines, rope ladders, swings and tree stands
The course will provide an outstanding addition to their active youth program.
The day and overnight camp, has just opened a new aerial high ropes course for their 2013 summer camp season. The
The team employed will deliver quality outdoor learning which will also be highly beneficial for schools.
The experience will force students outside of their individual ‘comfort zones’ as they learn to