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Zip lines spread as the rides soar in popularity.
The high-speed elevated cable rides that promise an adrenaline rush have grown in number from 10 to more than 200 since 2001, experts say. And now
New Skywalk pathway in Dublin at 44m alow panoramic views of the city.
The highlight of the Skyline tour of Croke Park stadium is a walkway suspended over the stadium which has a drop of 44m (144
The zipline course design includes five exciting zip lines.
The ropes courses construction, which was built on the treetops of the park, has five zip lines, ranging from 300 feet to 500 feet long.
The Nature playground is the perfect opportunity to promote fun trial and error opportunities.
Not only is the nature playground a wonderful opportunity to expend energy and hang out with friends,
The P3-million project once completed will be Asia’s longest Zipline.
Asia’s longest Zipline construction in progress eclipsing the 840-meter Dahilayan Zipline in Bukidnon.The zipline design will start