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Ziplines – the latest craze in the amusement industry:
Where riders slide through the air dangling from a harness – are arriving along the beach. Even the developers who are bringing ziplines to the
The Zipline Adventures' longest zipwire cable stretches 2,000 feet from one end to another:
Where one guide sends people off and another guide receives them with the utmost care and professionalism. If
Risk has famously been banned from playgrounds:
So the playground marked a small victory for the growing movement of educators, parents, designers and physicians who argue that it makes for boring,
Balance is key in this Ropes Course design.
Walking on wobbly boards or swinging on cargo nets 30 feet in the air predisposes a person to hang on with death-grip tenacity -- even if hooked in on a
The new zipline system will include a 215-foot tandem zipline, a 125-foot intermediate zipline and a 75-foot junior zipline.
In order to get the plan approved, Woodbury’s management had to agree to a