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All rides and games afford the unique integration of both physical and mental challenges.
Family fun center is pleased to announce the upcoming of an innovative indoor ropes course, the first of its kind.
Body and mind will benefit from an all-round workout while navigating a high ropes course.
The new ropes course at the Technology Center is almost a year old now, and the school wants to attract
The "learning by doing" principle improves one's problem solving skills and increases the trust levels of the participants.
Highropes can be constructed anywhere, in parks, forests, jungles, and
High-Speed ziplines are rapidly gaining populairity.
Riders on the revamped SkyWire will be able to go twice as fast as the previous zip-wire, reaching speeds of up to 60mph. The attraction will be the
Firefighters learned how to rescue people hundreds of feet off the ground.
40 firefighters were given the opportunity to ride a zip line through the mountains in a training exercise to teach them how