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This is the first time a zip line has been installed at "The Racing Capital of The World.
Thrill-seeking fans can enjoy an unprecedented perspective of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway during the
Trainees take on ropes course challenge.
Ropes Course lead facilitator instructs a group on the ins and outs of a feature at the course. Called "The Leap of Faith," participants shimmy their way up
Scouts set up obstacle course at Girl Scout camp.
After a test run Saturday on the new ropes course at the Camp, everything appears to be ready for swinging. And climbing. And balancing, and
The zipper will emerge from the forest canopy about 75 feet off the ground.
After scouting trees and mapping routes for several weeks, Builders recently began constructing the decks and attaching
The course will provide two separate aerial trekking experiences.
The course opened in time for the Jubilee weekend, although it was not totally up and running until later on due to flooding