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Guests will travel 845 feet to the top of the 20-story tower, reaching speeds of up to 33 mph.
A zip line-like thrill ride will connect the two towers of the Rio and send guests soaring more than
The amount of time children spend outdoors in playgrounds has rapidly decreased.
Playgrounds play an essential role in the social, emotional, cognitive, and physical well-being of children right

Using an auto belay device reduces wall operating costs, attracts more climbers and makes climbing even more fun.
Traditionally, top rope climbing involves two people – the climber and the belayer.

Each exercise on a ropes course is meant to promote interpersonal skills.
A type of experiential therapy offered by the Retreat, a ropes course typically consists of high and low elements that
The Ropes Course offers a more adventurous activity.
The course features an outdoor setup made up of six low elements that can be accessed with the assistance of a trained facilitator. The low