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New zip-line and adventure course opens.
The adventure course, which includes six zip-lines and various treetop obstacles, opens to the public Saturday morning. The course, which will take about 45
Cities around the country are looking for new ways to raise revenue for parks. 
Intense opposition from community members prompted the Parks and Recreation Department to drop a proposal to build a
A massive wooden structure rises up on the side of the road.
At a distance, it appears as a pirate ship teeming with skilled sailors. Figures are climbing rope ladders and balancing on swaying plank
A zip line running the length of Dockyard could be introduced next year as an attraction for both visitors and residents.
According to the planning application, the zip line would be around 1,700ft (518m)
Despite the well-publicized injuries, zip lines are becoming more popular.
For many, some experiences are simply an extreme example of what can happen when the sport goes wrong. A report from the Los