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Successful mediation between entrepreneurs, investors and governmental development bodies.
Over the past years, the Netherlands-based ropes course designer Skywalker Adventure Builders has been lobbying
A new tourist attraction is a match made in heaven for adrenalin-seekers and conservationists.
It's New Zealand’s first-ever native forest zip-line. It's a lot of fun and it has taken a lot of hours to
Visitors will also be able to ride a zipwire above the Wild Safari.
The animals at Six Flags Great Adventure’s Wild Safari aren’t going anywhere but will instead be part of a new park attraction
A ropes course designed for team building has traditionally been part of freshman orientation for students.  
The one-day course bolsters the confidence as they move from middle school to a high school
The 'bird abode' dining pods perched on tree tops where waiters fly though the air on zip-lines.
The giant wicker pods, which look just like the straw-meshed abodes of our feathered friends, are perched in