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Spring & Nylon Spacer

Zipline Spring Brake, secondary brake components (EAD) for both high and low speeds with high loads.
Zipline Spring Brake & Emergency Arrest Device EAD
Sales price without tax 94,00 €
Zipline Spring Brake & Emergency Arrest Device EAD
Zipline Spring Brake & Emergency Arrest Device EAD
Zipline Spring Brake & Emergency Arrest Device EAD

Spring Brake System: Zipline Spring Brake, primary and secondary brake components (emergency arrest device, EAD) for both high and low speeds with high loads. Tested for speeds up to 80km/h, resulting in a safe and comfortable braking situation.

All zipwires have a primary braking system to stop the rider at the end of the line. But beyond this measure, zip lines should also have an emergency or back-up braking solution. An emergency arrest device (EAD) is just what it sounds like – it is the thing that would stop rider in an emergency situation where the primary braking system doesn’t do its job. Read all about EAD devices in our whitepaper.

Spring packs have been found to be an effective EAD. A spring pack is made up of multiple springs which are approximately 30cm in length connected by plastic spacer blocks. The number of springs necessary for each zip line EAD, depends on rider arrival speed, weight range of riders, what type of primary brake is used as well as other variables. Our spring packs are specifically designed for zip line braking.

Designers/installers should verify with zip line spring pack manufacturers to ensure the product is properly designed and installed to provide acceptable emergency braking in accordance with EN, ACCT and ASTM. When designed and installed properly, a spring pack can help to create a fail-safe braking system. It will consistently and effectively stop a participant in a safe condition.

Spring Brake - EAD- Emergency arrest device

  • Provides smooth and effective emergency braking when the correct number of springs are used;
  • Easy to install, inspect, and maintain;
  • Corrosion resistant due to the stainless steel springs and plastic spacer blocks;
  • Easy to add or subtract springs to ensure proper EAD function;
  • Easy installation (retrofittable) on existing zipline installations. 

The number of springs and spacers depends on the landing speed, Ask us and we help you with numbers.


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