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The "Green" Anchoring Device. ECO-friendly technology.

One of the "green" technical solutions developed by Skywalker is our "tree-friendly" anchor device (tree mounting / tree strapping system) for forest high ropes which has been adopted by climbing park designers all over Europe. This eco-friendly mounting device is based on a set of specially designed brackets which, unlike conventional methods using multi-layer steel cable coils, can be continuously adjusted to the ongoing growth pattern of any tree that is part of the course supporting structure.

However, ecological compatibility/friendliness are not the only advantages of the Skywalkers' anchor device (tree strap system): The installation is easy and straight forward, the system is extremely low maintenance and comparable to conventional solutions in both price and lifespan. Furthermore, the use of the system has been certified by TÜV in various parks, to ensure the operational safety of any climbing park using our eco-friendly solution.

We not only routinely implement our tree-friendly mounting device in our own climbing park designs but also supply adventure park and climbing course manufacturers all across Europe with our system.

The Skywalker Anchor Device. An Overview.

  • Proven technology
  • Extensively tested and applied in various TUV certified Forest High-Wire parks. 
  • Complies with all European Safety requirements and industry standards.
  • Developed in collaboration with leading tree experts
  • Easy and straightforward installation.
  • Low maintenance and ROI.
  • Lifespan comparable to conventional steel cable anchoring.
  • Price comparable to conventional steel cable anchoring.
  • Unobtrusive ECO design.

* Exclusive VAT and transport. Depending on configuration and amount ordered in a single order.