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Edelrid Smart-Belay Systems. Active safety for genuine climbing adventures: Smart belay technology is based on a system of communicating interconnected carabiners. If one of the carabiners is unlocked or has been detached from the main safety line the other carabiner stays locked until its counterpart has been safely attached to the cable again. Unintentionally detaching both carabiners from the lifeline, e.g. during the transition between two climbing parcourses, is therefore impossible.

New for 2020: Introducing the new Edelrid Smart Belay X. The Smart Belay X is an enhanced version of our legendary Smart Belay—now with innovative magnetic technology for continuous safety and maximum freedom of movement on your high ropes course. A new feature is the magnetic locking mechanism—the Smart Belay's opening mechanism is only released by an integrated magnet after contact with the steel cable.

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Edelrid Smart Belay


Saferoller Carebiner: Finally the last link is secured. ...

Sales price without tax: 35,00 €

Smart Belay Annual Service

Start your new season with your Smart Belays in perfect ...

Sales price without tax: 39,00 €


Lightweight, fast connection of Smart Belay to a harness.

Sales price without tax: 7,00 €

Edelrid Smart Belay X

Edelrid Smart-belay X - with innovative magnetic technology

Sales price without tax: 436,00 €

Smart Belay X opener

Tool for quick and easy opening of the Smart Belay X

Sales price without tax: 4,00 €

Smart Belay X O-Ring

Smart Belay X O-Ring

Sales price without tax: 10,00 €

Edelrid Smart Belay

Edelrid Smart-belay: Active safety for genuine climbing ...

Sales price without tax: 343,00 €


The ultimate connecting ring for use in safety systems or ...

Sales price without tax: 16,00 €

Conecto Swivel

This ingenious piece of equipment is the first screwable ...

Sales price without tax: 35,00 €