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Lifeline Bracket

Lifeline Bracket for 10mm steelwire. Easy Tree or pole mounting of the lifeline.
Lifeline BracketLifeline Bracket
Lifeline Bracket

One of the "green" technical solutions developed by Skywalker is our "tree-friendly" lifeline anchor device (tree mounting / tree strapping system) for forest high wire ropes courses which has been adopted by climbing park designers all over Europe. This eco-friendly lifeline anchoring device is based on a set of specially designed brackets which, unlike conventional methods using multi-layer steel cable coils, can be continuously adjusted to the ongoing growth pattern of any tree that is part of the course supporting structure.

  • electrolytically galvanized, black powdercoated
  • incl. Foamrubber sheet, black, 1,5cm
  • incl. red lifline marker 20cm


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