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We feature the best harnesses for ziplines, rock climbing, ropes course; ziplining harnesses, Full body harnesses, Climbing harnesses, Canyoneering harnesses, caving harnesses.

We have tested and selected the best zipline and climbing harnesses from the thousands of 'want-to-be's'. Featured harnesses are the best made, most comfortable and least expensive harnesses we could find! A climbing harness is a piece of equipment used in certain types of rock-climbing, ropes course, zip lines, abseiling or other activities to keep the climber safe.


Edelrid Radialis Pro Adjust (5-pack)

New 2019 version with Easy Glider buckles. Innovative ...

Sales price without tax: 466,00 €

Titan Sit In Zipline Harness

Titan Sit In Zipline Harness (5AB-ZLSEAT)

Sales price without tax: 375,00 €

Edelrid Core Plus Triple Lock

The fully equipped version of the Core system: Core harness ...

Sales price without tax: 186,00 €

Edelrid Fraggle II

A unique full body harness with jointed padding for the ...

Sales price without tax: 42,00 €

Superman Zipline Harness

Superman Harness (5AB-ZLH)

Sales price without tax: 375,00 €

Edelrid Vertic Triple Lock

The Vertic Triple Lock is a fully-equipped body harness, ...

Sales price without tax: 199,00 €

Edelrid Radialis Comp II

The Radialis Comp II is a classic style, the harness is ...

Sales price without tax: 75,00 €

Edelrid Radialis Pro (5-pack)

Innovative harness for high ropes courses and adventure ...

Sales price without tax: 404,00 €

Edelrid Radialis Click II

Radialis Click II is a modern full bodied harness with ...

Sales price without tax: 87,00 €