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Full-Body Harnesses are designed with features that enhance climber safety. By eliminating the need to completely unfasten the buckles, buckles that reduce the chance of improper harness closure. The high quality materials, computer-controlled stitching methods and meticulous workmanship mean that climbers can be confident that their harness will be durable over the long-term, even under the harshest of conditions. Every harness meets the strict testing and quality control standards.

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Full-body Harnesses

Edelrid Radialis Click II

Radialis Click II is a modern full bodied harness with ...

Sales price without tax: 87,00 €

Edelrid Radialis Pro (5-pack)

Innovative harness for high ropes courses and adventure ...

Sales price without tax: 404,00 €

Edelrid Radialis Comp II

The Radialis Comp II is a classic style, the harness is ...

Sales price without tax: 75,00 €

Edelrid Vertic Triple Lock

The Vertic Triple Lock is a fully-equipped body harness, ...

Sales price without tax: 199,00 €

Superman Zipline Harness

Superman Harness (5AB-ZLH)

Sales price without tax: 375,00 €

Edelrid Fraggle II

A unique full body harness with jointed padding for the ...

Sales price without tax: 42,00 €

Edelrid Core Plus Triple Lock

The fully equipped version of the Core system: Core harness ...

Sales price without tax: 186,00 €

Titan Sit In Zipline Harness

Titan Sit In Zipline Harness (5AB-ZLSEAT)

Sales price without tax: 375,00 €

Edelrid Radialis Pro Adjust (5-pack)

New 2019 version with Easy Glider buckles. Innovative ...

Sales price without tax: 466,00 €