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Saferoller is the world's FIRST rolling continuous belay system and remains the only system that can be installed with safety line out-of-reach for maximum adrenaline rush (2m -2.3m above platform height) 

This high capacity system dramatically increases customer throughput and has one of the lowest operating costs on the market. With hundreds of thousands of miles rolled, Saferoller® leads the industry in durability, decreasing your down-time and increasing your ROI.

The Saferoller Trolley is a certified mobile connecting device (PPE) conforming to all industry safety standards. Once connected to the safety line, it is impossible to disconnect without the express assistance of an operator. Your safety is assured. From 4 years and up, just slip on and roll. Ideal for Saferoller Kids Trail and Zip Line Parcours of any length.

Your choice of silent Teflon twin ball bearing rollers or ultra-fast stainless steel. Kanopeo was the first company to introduce a 360° rotating swivel as standard on our product. It reduces wear on the lanyard and avoids self-rotation of the client during zip lines. Designed to resist wear and tear. Rugged, durable and dependable.

Saferoller: Designed for safety line out-of-reach
The only system that can be installed with safety-line out-of-reach (2m -2.3m above platform height) creates a more thrilling and exciting experience for the user. Just slip on and roll. The safety line can also be installed half-height (1.4m -1.6m above platform height) for kids trail or mixed trail.

Free your hands: Let the adventure begin
Our experienced consulting team will help you harness the powerful Swiss designed and manufactured Saferoller engine and create your own custom aerial adventure park.

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Saferoller Continuous Belay

Saferoller V3 Trolley

The new, economical Saferoller® V3 is loaded with ...

Sales price without tax: 191,00 €

Saferoller Transfer

Improve your customer’s experience by offering a unique, ...

Sales price without tax: 1.610,00 €

Saferoller SafeStop

Zipline Brake-block for continuous life-line system: Allows ...

Sales price without tax: 536,00 €

HiRope 2 Adjustable Lanyard

New, useful, fast and inexpensive - the adjustable lanyard, ...

Sales price without tax: 60,00 €

Saferoller Intermediate Tree bracket

Saferoller Intermediate Bracket for Tree-mounting: The ...

Sales price without tax: 161,00 €

Saferoller Mono clamp

Saferoller Mono Clamp for elements / zipline's upto 100 ...

Sales price without tax: 161,00 €

Saferoller Switch Bifurcation

The Saferoller Bifurcation - fork: The bifurcation is a ...

Sales price without tax: 341,00 €

Saferoller Shark

SAFEROLLER® anti-return device “Removable Shark” The ...

Sales price without tax: 31,00 €

Saferoller Zipline Clamp

Saferoller Zipline Clamp for zipwires upto 400 meters. ...

Sales price without tax: 269,00 €

Saferoller Cable Positioner

Saferoller Saferoller Cable Positioner: The Cable Layer ...

Sales price without tax: 49,00 €
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