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Speedrunner is the free-running solution for your aerial adventure park. With the safety line at half height, it can be quickly adapted for manysituations. The certified mobile connecting device (PPE) Kanhook is a hook-based system featuring the industry-first self-closing gap mechanism. It is our most economical and easy to install system. Designed to resist wear and tear. Rugged, durable and dependable. Just hook and go.

Speedrunner: An economic solution

  • Industry-first self-closing gap mechanism for maximum safety
  • Hardened Stainless Steel wear protector
  • Certified Kanhook (PPE) is a universal Personal Protective Equipment
  • Integrated 360° swivel
  • Individual Serial Number
  • Secure evacuation by park operators only
  • Durable long-life components
  • Wearable parts equipped with interchangeable stainless steel replacements
  • Easy installation
  • Low maintenance
  • TÜV Süd Certified
  • EN 795 B
  • EN 795 C
  • EN 15567-1, EN 15567-2
  • EN 12278,
  • RfU CNB/P/11.104
  • ACCT Standards (USA)

Speedrunner: Just Hook and Go 
The Speedrunner® continuous belay system is based on a hook. The Kanhook (PPE) slides smoothly and silently on the safety line, following you wherever you go. You are continuously secured. The safety line is installed half-height (1.4m -1.6m) to allow manual manipulation.

Let the adventure begin
Our experienced consulting team will help you harness the powerfuldesigned and manufactured Speedrunner engine and create your own custom aerial adventure park.

Play Safe in Adventure
As soon as the Kanhook (PPE) is attached to the wire rope, you are safely and continuously secured from end-to-end. No other security measures are required. If necessary, park operators can quickly remove the Kanhook (PPE) from the safety line. Perfect for team building.

Swiss designed & manufactured
Incomparable Swiss technical innovation, design and engineering combined with impeccable quality and aesthetics.

Speedrunner: smooth and quiet
Just hook and go. The Kanhook (PPE) slides smoothly and quietly on the safety line, following you wherever you go. You are continuously secured. The wire rope is installed half-height (1.4m -1.6m) to allow manual manipulation. Create an adrenaline-filled adventure.

Maximize Return on Investment 
Speedrunner is the economic solution for aerial adventure park operators. Fewer connections are required, allowing easy installation. No extra costs through integrated cable protection. Low Maintenance.

Professional design and construction increases user throughput rates and reduces staffing requirements. Enhance user experience by optimizing positioning of start and end platforms, turns, ascents and descents.

Low Operating Costs
Low maintenance and replaceable parts make this an industry leading system. Briefing takes about 10 minutes. Reduced supervision and fewer staff required.

TÜV Süd Certified
Speedrunner parts are manufactured according to strict quality standards (EN 795 B, EN 795 B, EN 795 C, EN 15567, RfU CNB/P/11.104) and according to ACCT Standards (USA). All spare parts are interchangeable, reusable & recyclable.

Speedrunner continuous belay

Speedrunner Multidirectional Anchor

Speedrunner Multi Directional Pole Anchor

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Speedrunner AccroConnect

Easily integrate special elements like free jumps, Tarzan ...

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Speedrunner Lanyard


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HiRope 2 Adjustable Lanyard

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Speedrunner Switch / Bifurcation

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Speedrunner Rock Me Bracket

Clamp that is especially suitable for installation on walls ...

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Speedrunner Zipline Bracket


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Speedrunner Easy Bracket

Fixation for lifelines. The holding force is up to 15kN. ...

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Speedrunner Kanhook 4 Ultimate

Kanhook 4 Ultimate (PPE) With SWIVEL - EN795B

Sales price without tax: 100,00 €