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Saferoller SafeStop

Zipline Brake-block for continuous life-line system: Allows the use of a braking system together with a continuous system without any disassemble.
Sales price without tax 536,00 €

SafeStop is continuous gripper for zip line brake. This innovation allows the use of a braking system together with a continuous safety line without disassembly of the trolley (self-locking device) from the rope. The zip line can be integrated on the continuous ropes course.

Key benefits of the SafeStop include

  • Continuous safety on the zip line: The continuous grip allows automatic braking.
  • Compatible: Safe Stop can be used with all other continuous belay systems
  • Disassembly is not applicable at the end of the Zipline: The park visitor can leave the zip line without disengaging the trolley and is protected throughout.


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