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Maintaining the highest safety standards is paramount to us: Our high ropes activity courses and forest climbing parks provide fascinating experience and exciting challenges. And when it comes to the safety of your visitors, we won't compromise or cut corners. Means we follow the building and safety regulations issued by the European legislators, national industry regulators and roof organizations to the letter.

As the specialist in safely operating adventureparks or ropes courses, Skywalker has selected several specialists products regarding zipline and safety gear. These are all high-end products that fit in the strategy to help you safely operate your park.

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Zipline and Safety hardware

ISC Zippey Clip and Zip Trolley

The ISC Zippey offers a one handed action with increased ...

Sales price without tax: 131,00 €

ALF Climb Assist locking pulley

The ALF Climb Assist Pulley was designed for the Challenge ...

Sales price without tax: 371,00 €

ISC Tandem Pulley 75mm Wheel Diameter

RP076 Tandem Pulley 75mm Wheel Diameter

Sales price without tax: 167,00 €

ISC Zipspeed Tandem Pulley 50mm Wheel Diameter

RP075 Zipspeed Tandem Pulley 50mm (2") Wheel Diameter

Sales price without tax: 133,00 €

RP880 D4 Work Rescue Descender

The D4 has a 240kg (500lbs) Working load limit which means ...

Sales price without tax: 151,00 €

LightSpeed Impact Trolley

The Impact Trolley is the only trolley on the market ...

Sales price without tax: 152,00 €

LightSpeed EZ Clip Trolley

The LightSpeed EZ Clip Trolley is durable and lightweight, ...

Sales price without tax: 179,00 €

LightSpeed Micro Trolley

The LightSpeed Micro is a compact, lightweight zip line ...

Sales price without tax: 109,00 €

Spring Brake (EAD)

Zipline Spring Brake, secondary brake components (EAD) for ...

Sales price without tax: 45,00 €

Superman Zipline Harness

Superman Harness (5AB-ZLH)

Sales price without tax: 320,00 €

Titan Sit In Zipline Harness

Titan Sit In Zipline Harness (5AB-ZLSEAT)

Sales price without tax: 320,00 €


The zipBACK Retraction Device is a simple, reliable, and ...

Sales price without tax: 1.590,00 €