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The Cocoon Tree bed is 3 meters in diameter and accommodates 2 people very comfortably or even, a couple and 2 small children. It features a high quality mattress and custom made duvet tailored for exceptional comfort.`

There are different models of the Cocoon, designed according to various uses: Cocoon Tree is a tree tent and the Cocoon Beach that was created to replace the canopy beds on the beaches, parks and swimming pools.

All these can be placed on the ground with adaptable feet, fixed on a post driven into the bottom of a lake, attached to a floating ring, suspended in a tree or floating on a platform.

Cocoon Tree

Cocoon Beach

The Cocoon Zen was created to replace the canopy beds on ...

Sales price without tax: 7.990,00 €

Cocoon Tree

The Cocoon has an innovative design that enables people ...

Sales price without tax: 6.700,00 €