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Eco-friendly construction is second nature to us. We realize innovative concepts using high quality building material, no matter whether it is a visitor reception area of an adventure park or an imaginative tree house for children in the middle of a forest. As far as it concerns timber constructions, we relish the opportunity to build them.

Tree houses - every child's dream!

Our portfolio of custom-built tree houses not only comprises unique designs for private premises, e. g. your back garden or your plot, but also contains a comprehensive project assortment aimed at the commercial sector such as climbing and adventure parks. Our concepts provide children and their parents with an exciting opportunity to combine leisure activities with an exciting outdoor experience. In this context, we also develop entire theme parks, mainly for companies in Leisure & Recreation, including the accompanying marketing and merchandising strategies in conjunction with guides, booklets, websites and various interactive media.

Cocoon Tree - Nest with the birds in your own Treetent

The Cocoon has an innovative design that enables people spending the night among tree tops. Cocoon Tree offers a luxurious option that takes glamping to a whole new level. Although designed for suspension above ground in the first place, the Cocoon Tree Pod can be also used on ground level.

AirCruizer Treetop Cable Bicycle

The AirCruizer / EcoFlyer, a patented cable bicycle suspended at treetop level takes riders high over the treetops allowing an intimate glimpse of the natural terrain and its fascinating inhabitants. Designed as a fun and ecologically friendly way to get right in the midst of Mother Nature’s most incredible locations.

Nature. An experience for everyone.

All our concepts involving innovative outdoor leisure activities are aimed at the widest possible target audience. A proven concept is our ECO tree top walk, extremely popular with customers of all age groups due to its location in the trees way above ground, providing people young and old with a memorable experience of a great day out.

Unique Timber constructions: Built with passion and handcrafted

Wood uniquely combines the tradition and the future of the construction industry. It combines outstanding material properties, durability and ease of processing with the ecological advantages of a renewable resource with a negative C02 balance when sustainably harvested from local forests.
We pride ourselves on superior craftsmanship, unique skills, and a passion for the beauty of mother nature. From unique art objects and gates to entire wooden lodges - rest assured you'll only get the best quality.