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In general, there isn't much of a difference between the design of our children's activity classes and the design of our adult activity courses. However, due to the smaller body size and shorter limb length of our younger climbers, we have reduced the overall difficulty levels. Furthermore, all children's climbing activity courses are kept much closer to the ground. And, of course, the safety procedures in our ropes exercise courses for children are of the same high grade as those in our adult climbing facilities.

Participants of all skill levels can benefit greatly from low ropes courses' educational and developmental opportunities. The components can be set up as a linear or continuous challenge course, allowing the group to go down a line or around a circuit while cooperating as a team.

Numerous components also function well as unique, independent challenges. Balance Beam, Peg Pole Challenge, Wild Woozy, and Postman's Walk are all possible obstacles on the course. What can be designed has no boundaries (subject to safety). The design samples in the galleries below are just that; if you have a different idea, we would be pleased to create a low ropes course just for you that would fit your needs, budget, and available area on the ground.

Low ropes courses are a great resource for schools, colleges, and outdoor recreation areas since they offer chances for young people's social and personal growth regardless of their aptitude. 

Adventure Playgrounds are wonderful, daring uses of locations that need little to no supervision. Although they are still developing, they are quite self-driven. Depending on the amount of space and available regions, elements may be standalone—like sitting on a zip line—or they may be a part of a bigger course.

Adventure play is fantastic for family areas, lodging facilities, parks, recreation centers, and even for unstructured or self-guided activities in outdoor facilities. Adventure Play is a wonderful safe area for children to engage in self-led exploration in today's world where they don't spend as much time outdoors alone.