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Our Adventure concept provide kids and youngsters with the opportunity to get active during their spare time, help them developing their physical coordination skills and show them that being outdoors is an exciting alternative to spending hours in front of the box or the computer screen. Whether as an addition to an existing playground, as a new facility or as venue for community holiday programs, school trips or activity initiatives, our Adventure concept portfolio offers a wide range of outdoor activities to suit all interests, abilities and purposes.

What are the on-site requirements for an Adventure climbing park?

  • A plot (preferably beween 1 - 2.5 hectares)
  • A budget between 150,000 and 250,000 euros
  • A parking site with approx. 30 to 80 spaces

Adventure high ropes courses. More than just fun.

  • Are you the owner of a (unused) plot?
  • Are you already running a business in the Toursim & Leisure serctor and are currently thinking about expanding into outdoor activities?
  • Are you an investor with a particular interest in Leisure & Recreation, looking for new investment opportunities in the field of commercial outdoor activities?
  • Do you represent a local community or a regional body, looking into possible future initatives regarding outdoor activities aimed at local schools (sport and education), thinking about generating additional revenue by extenting community-run outdoor facilites?
  • Are you an entrepreneur planning to start your own business in Toursim, Leisure or Health & Recreation?

Success factors

  • "Getting back to nature and feeling good!" Over the past years, exercise in the form of outdoor activites has rapidly gained in popularity, now representing one of the fastest growing sectors of the tourism and leisure industry.
  • "I need a break!" Active Adventure climbing parks and high ropes courses allow you to take breaks from day-to-day life. Enjoy a stint of oudoor adventure to its fullest.
  • "Let's see if I can do it!" Our ropes courses are an agility challenge regarding speed, height, felixibility, eye-body-coordination and balance. All of this in a totally safe enviromnet. And give yourself a pat on the back afterwards.
  • "You are not alone." In our Active Adventure climbing parks you can enjoy physical activity together with your family, your friends or your work collegues. Share the action. Share the fun.
  • "Something for everyone." Our Active Adventure high ropes courses cover a wide range of diffulty levels. You can do it - no matter what shape you are in. And completing the most basic course layouts requires no or only little physical skills.