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Quality is what distinguishes one climbing park from another. Quality is what ensures the flawless operation of your park. It is quality that guarantees a high level of customer satisfaction. And last but not least, it is quality that will determine the profitability of your business. This means that quality has to be an intrinsic property of the product, comprising all aspects of a climbing park and not just being limited to the materials used or to the assembly process chosen. This also means that our commitment to quality starts right at the drawing board.
Quality? It's in the numbers...
Together with independant certification bodies like TUV, and other leading specialists we have developed unique and specific software for mechanical loadstress and strength calculations in climbingparks. The CAD system we use to design our climbing parks is directly linked to a database which contains the specifications of every single project carried out by Skywalker during the past 10 years. These data include, for example, the strength of various wood types as well as wood-based materials, various soil configurations and local climatic conditions. These parameters are used in conjunction with the data we gather during our preliminary assessment of your site to calculate the construction statics which form an integral part of the detailed technical documentation package required by any Test & Certification body.
Ecological design criteria
If you want to convert your outdoor climbing park into a customer attraction, one of the most important aspects to consider is an unspoiled natural experience. As a result, it is critical to perfectly integrate the activity parcours into the surrounding environment. This supports the long-term success of your outdoor activity facilities by offering guests a memorable experience package rather than just a fleeting opportunity for physical activity. As a result, we only use natural and environmentally safe construction materials and strive to maintain the overall design as close to natural forms and shapes as possible. Tree trunks, after all, are round. So, what's the deal with square-shaped platforms?

Preliminary analysis

This stage will provide your climbing park's assigned site a "reality check." We inspect the site's grounds and plants, as well as the neighboring infrastructure. We will notify you promptly if your site does not satisfy the standards for the installation of a high-quality high rope course. On this, we make no concessions. Not just because we are committed to offering high-quality products to all of our clients, but also because we, like our customers, understand that any climbing park's success is dependent on long-term functionality at low operating costs.
What's the secret? the protection of the environment
Any location authorized for the building of a climbing park should have a minimum area of 1.5 hectares, according to Skywalker. What is the reason for this? Unfortunately, and in many situations, the construction of climbing parks necessitates substantial tree pruning, if not entire tree removal, or the concreting of huge parts of green fields in order to maximize the number of activity routes per facility.
With over a decade of experience designing and installing climbing parks across Europe, we know that the overall degree of integration of a climbing park into its surrounding natural environment will ultimately determine the level of customer satisfaction and, as a result, the facility's profitability. As a result, any interaction with the surrounding flora and fauna must be kept to a bare minimum in your own interest. Which basically indicates you've been doing things correctly if the forest on site appears exactly how it did before the climbing park was established...
There's even more...
Our dedication to providing high-quality items does not cease when your new High Ropes Courses are installed on your property. We can organize a technical assessment of the climbing park by a certified independent test and certification authority prior to its opening to the public, in addition to service and maintenance contracts and staff training and development possibilities. This will enable you to obtain more competitive commercial insurance quotations. We're so confident in the quality of our products that we back them up with a year's worth of warranty.
Please contact us if you have any questions concerning the quality of Skywalker climbing parks. We will be pleased to address any inquiries you may have.