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Bring free fall to your business with QuickFlight, an exhilarating, high throughput thrill for all ages!

Imagine taking a step off a ledge and getting a taste of pure, unrestricted free fall before being gently grasped and lowered to the ground. The QuickFlight Free Fall Device, a successor to the QUICKjump, provides a fun and exhilarating free fall experience for people of all ages, and now has a twin line system for greater rider comfort and operator peace of mind. QuickFlight is a simple installation on your existing tower, bridge, or ledge, whether you're creating a solo, eye-catching thrill or an amazing adventure course exit. Everyone may enjoy free fall with QuickFlight! Pricing and ordering info here..

The QuickFlight Free Fall Device provides a thrilling and engaging free fall experience for people of all ages. QuickFlight may be quickly fitted onto an existing tower, bridge, or ledge to create a solitary, eye-catching thrill or to add an exciting adventure course exit. Imagine stepping off a platform and falling freely before being gently captured and brought to the ground by magnetic, eddy current stopping technology. QuickFlight is versatile, easy to install, and features a fully redundant dual line system to ensure rider comfort and operator peace of mind. Engineered for a wide range of weights and mounting options, QuickFlight is versatile, easy to install, and features a fully redundant dual line system to ensure rider comfort and operator peace of mind. Everyone may enjoy free fall with QuickFlight!

Eddy Current Magnetic Braking Technology

  • The first company to bring magnetic braking technology to the climbing, adventure, and free fall device industries. With no contacting brake parts, magnetics support high throughput operations in all environments.
  • No Whiplash. The same technology used in trains, elevators, and roller coasters, eddy current, magnetic braking used in free fall offers a soft catch and smooth descent, cycle after cycle.
  • Compact Design. Magnetic braking technology allows for a compact design that is easy to install, portable, and contains components that are easy to self-service.

Exhilarating Free Fall Experience

  • True Free Fall Experience. The Flight Series devices offer an unrestricted, “true free fall”, combined with a high “ground effect” factor result in a complete free fall experience truly unlike anything in the industry.
  • Peace of Mind. Redundant, dual line system and custom RipCords with built-in Overload Protection Assembly (OPA) serve to maximize rider comfort and operator peace of mind.
  • Versatility. Versatility makes QuickFlight an easy add on to an existing structure or standalone thrill for your customers to remember you by.

Maximum Operational Compatibility

  • QuickFlight accommodates a wide range of rider weights and mounting heights.
  • Customizable. Multiple RipCords and two device options allow for a customized free fall experience compatible with the height of your structures and comfort levels of your clientele.
  • Easily retrofit onto adventure towers, utility poles, ropes courses, bridges, and high platforms, QuickFlight is compatible with operations indoors or out!

Easy Inspection and MaintenanceEasy Inspection and Maintenance

  • Easy Inspection. Simple, easy to follow inspection process keeps operations simple.
  • Field Replaceable Parts. Separately replaceable webbings and RipCord assemblies allow for easy replacement of independent parts to keep down time and costs at a minimum.
  • Minimal Ownership Costs. Easy installation, portability, and field replaceability of parts means you’ll save more over time, watching your customers free fall while your profits skyrocket!