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The design of innovative playgrounds for children is part of our Nature Play product assortment. Our playgrounds for children are suitable as outdoor standalones as well as in conjunction with one of our Forest high-wire parks, adventure parks or outdoor theme parks.

What is Nature Play?

What it says: playing outdoors, preferably in a natural environment. Climbing trees. Building huts. Playing near water. Young children seek challenge and adventure in their play outdoors, looking for places to explore and transform. Sadly, most of nowaday's young generation doesn't have these opportunities any more. For many years, Skywalker has been involved in developing sites in the Netherlands as well as in Germany that offer children the opportunity for creative play. Our forest playgrounds therefore actively support some of the most important aspects of growing up: staying physically fit, developing social skills, stimulating the interest in our natural environment, and above all, having fun!

How can we renew our children's interest in playing outdoors?

Children like to be active, to do something, are keen observers, love to explore and to be challenged. Our Nature Play concepts cater for this by providing the opportunity for physical activity combined with an outdoor experience in an environment as natural as possible and thus contribute to setting the course for an ecological awareness and healthy relationship with our natural environment developed later in life. Our Nature Play concepts are also suited to be part of sports and activity programs initiated by local and regional government bodies or by national institutions.

The design of our forest playgrounds comprises general landscaping measurements which are carried out entirely in harmony with the natural environment on site followed by the installation of a set of basic activities supplemented by rope courses, ziplines, Flying Foxes, rafts, bridges and various other items enthralling children of all ages.