Naturally, a decisive and innovative concept with the potential to attract a large number of visitors is the starting point for the design of a climbing park or high ropes activity course. Unfortunately, many designers completely neglect the fact that the immediate surroundings of a climbing park are a major contributing factor to its overall public appeal.

Therefore, all superior design concepts for climbing parks make the activity courses an integral part of the surrounding landscape. Which is precisely what we do.


Customer expectations in the Leisure & Recreation sector have changed dramatically over the past years. Any commercial outdoor activities now need to cater for much more than just giving people an opportunity to get physically active. Hence paying attention to the location itself is a prerequisite in order to maximise the profit potential of your outdoor facility. A surrounding area that has the right "feel" to it will inevitably attract more customers by providing what your visitors want: the ultimate climbing experience.

Skywalker: Excitment and fun in a beautiful natural environment.

In today's markets, all top range products in the field of Leisure & Recreation are characterised by having appeal, charisma as well as by providing a strong experiential and novelty value. To achieve this, our designs take all your ideas and specifications fully into account and combine them with an aesthetically matching landscaping concept tailored to the location.

This means that our climbing parks, high ropes activity courses and forest playgorunds not only offer the enjoyment of being active to visitors of all age groups, but also provide a beautiful "scenic" setting created by ponds, footpaths, hills, trees and vegetation, thus making your climbing park an all-round experience for everyone.

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