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Smart belay technology is built on a system of interconnected carabiners that communicate with one another. If one of the carabiners becomes unlocked or disconnected from the main safety line, the other carabiner remains locked until its counterpart is securely linked to the cable. It is consequently impossible to unintentionally separate both carabiners from the lifeline, for example during the transition between two climbing routes.

In conjunction with our climbing park layouts, we offer two smart-belay systems: The award-winning Smart Belay developed by the German company Edelrid. And the Safe-Link® system designed by the European safety equipment specialist Bornack. Both systems represent the latest technology available on the market.

Apart from granting ultimate climbing safety, smart-belay systems give visitors the opportunity to handle belay and carabiners themselves, therefore providing a genuine and 'authentic' climbing experience. Another advantage of the system is that it can be easily and cost effectively retrofitted to any existing climbing park.

Skywalker is the exclusive dealer for the Edelrid and Bornack systems and has already installed this safety system in various climbing parks all over Europe.