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A skilled workforce is one of the main assets of any business, and most companies invest a lot of time and money in staff training to keep the knowledge levels up-to-date. However, any business these days has to be flexible, streamlined and able to rapidly adapt to the highly dynamic markets. When it comes to the operation of commercial outdoor climbing activities, we know what we are talking about and what is required to effectively and profitably operating a business.

Human Resource Management is a part of our services. We provide highly qualified professionals on a temporary basis to companies in the Leisure & Recreation sector.

Skywalkers´ HRM services offer the perfect solution when your business

  • restructures its business operations
  • considers outsourcing
  • requires temporary specialist skills
  • has employees on sick leave and vacation
  • has to meet a deadline
  • needs to bridge a current vacancy
  • is momentarily understaffed
  • requires Interim Management professionals

Our professionals. Highly qualified. Carefully selected.

Skywalker maintains a comprehensive network of professionals in various roles and positions, including consultants and managers on a senior level. Knowledge, work experience in the sector, good manners, a general friendly and customer-centred attitude, commitment and motivation are the characteristics we are looking for before any candidate becomes part of our network.

Interim Management professionals.

Continuous improvement is the key focus of all our interim managers who are experienced professionals with firsthand knowledge of all aspects involved in setting up or restructuring business operations. Their expertise, objectivity, effectiveness and commitment will guide you through all relevant steps leading to a swift and successful completion of any project-related or business-related reorganizational procedures.

Flexible resources for a dynamic market.

The Leisure & Recreation sector is a highly dynamic field where developments occur rapidly and in close succession. Companies need to react fast, deploy their resources effectively and re-structure their workforce accordingly. Apart from our network of highly-skilled externals with up-to-date training, our inhouse professionals are experienced, customer-centred, committed, motivated and ready to support your business wherever and whenever you need them.

Our method.

On the basis of a number of subsequent steps we assemble a profile of the prospective candidate, outlining the requirements regarding education, training and experience as well as character and attitude, to enable a smooth integration into your organisation. The profile also outlines the role of the candidate in relation to the company objectives as well as a salary proposal.

Skywalker also provides experienced professionals at senior level for all functions related to general Business Management and its eight main phases: indentification, processing, analysis, approach, implementation, consolidation, assessment and quality control.

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