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The Saferoller belay system is a continuous lifeline system designed by the Swiss climbing safety specialist Kanopeo. The system consists of a trolley specifically designed for the transition between individual climbing activities constituting a multi-course layout without the necessity to detach the trolley from the main safety cable. Wherever the climber goes the trolley goes. The system is designed for a wide range of both high or low rope course layouts.

Apart from the all important safety aspects, the Saferoller system is suitable for users of all ages and enables a high visitor turnover per activity course whilst requiring less staff than any of the conventional methods. Its operation is straight forward and low maintenance. The system can be installed in new as well as retrofitted to existing climbing parks (subject to certain modifications).

By using the Saferoller continuous lifeline-system it is possible to give access to the ropes course to people that normally can not take care of their own safety. This also means that ropes courses can be made accessible for visually impaired or people with physical or mental disability.

Saferoller™ in bullets:

  • The solution with the highest safety
  • Allows you to welcome visitors of all ages, so broadening your customer base
  • Increased park capacity thanks to higher flow (no extra trolley, no handling)
  • Needs for instruction and supervision are remarkably reduced
  • Significant lower operating costs meaning higher profitability
  • Short "Pay Back"
  • Secures your investment over the long term

Skywalker is specialist for the Saferoller™ continuous belay system and has already installed this safety system in various climbing parks all over Europe.

Saferoller continuous Belay: More info and pricing