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Whether as a single product or as part of a combination arrangement, the bold product line we provide offers a well-balanced portfolio that will benefit your clients. For a number of businesses, mostly (but not only) in the tourism, health, leisure, and recreation industries, we offer complete forest climbing parks and high ropes activity courses. Layouts for ropes courses that work well with tourist resorts, as well as with regular hotels, dining establishments, and caterers, offer a significant economic potential.

ECO Forestparks, the ultimative nature experience

A variety of ECO climbing parks and high-ropes activity course layouts are included in our "ECO High-Wire Forestpark" product portfolio, the majority of which are intended for usage in a forest environment. Our designs are state-of-the-art, secure, environmentally friendly, durable, and of the highest quality, offering all the components for a profitable outdoor theme park or forest experience.

Ropes Courses: Lots of fun ways to be active!

The "High Ropes Course" product line consists of high ropes activity courses as well as standalone elements like adventure and climbing towers, climbing walls, zip-lines, and other activities that can be used in sport halls, leisure centers, and other indoor facilities in addition to outdoor recreation areas. The intention behind these designs is to provide climbers with an unforgettable and difficult experience. The product line is also intended for leisure organizations who want to broaden their current activity portfolio by utilizing unused space (e.g. on the roof or on the ceiling of existing premises).

Adrenaline for Thrillseekers!

Our thrill product line is for you if your target market is thrill-seekers who appreciate living life "on the edge" by participating in potentially "hazardous" activities. These thrill products can be utilized separately or as a component of a larger adventure package that also includes a ropes course.

Playing... naturally!

Not the normal plastic playground equipment, however. Look no further than our Natural Playgrounds collection if you're looking for playgrounds that mix in with nature. We design unique outdoor play spaces that blend seamlessly with the surrounding natural environment, enabling kids to play imaginatively and creatively.

Custom-made timber constructions.. and more

In short, our "Adventurous Leisure" ideas include everything that can be made out of wood, including kid-sized tree huts, a tree office, additional family space, guest quarters, wooden residences, visitor waiting rooms, and much more. By the way, the newest project in our "Adventurous Leisure" portfolio is our new ECO treetop walkways. Do you have a particular thought in mind? Please reach out to us. Anytime.