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Our adventurous product range offers a complete and balanced portfolio that - either in a combined layout, or as a single product - will serve your customers well. We design and supply turnkey forest climbing parks and high ropes activity courses for a wide range of businesses mostly (but not exclusively) in the Tourist, Health, Leisure and Recreation sector. Furthermore, ropes course layouts in conjunction with holiday resorts as well as with hotel, restaurant and catering in general offer a lucrative business opportunity.

ECO Forestparks, the ultimative nature experience

Our "ECO High-Wire Forestpark" product portfolio offers a wide range of ECO climbing park and high-ropes activity course layouts mainly intended for a forest environment. Our designs are innovative, safe, ecologically friendly, durable and of the highest quality and, thus, provide all the ingredients needed for a successful and profitable operation of your outdoor forest adventure or theme park.

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Ropes Courses: Lots of fun ways to be active!

The "High Ropes Course" product assortment comprises high ropes activity courses as well as stand-alone features, such as adventure and climbing towers, climbing walls, zip-lines etc, not only suited for outdoor centres but also for sport halls, leisure centres and other types of indoor facilities. The aim of these designs is to provide visitors with both, a challenge and a memorable climbing experience. The product range is also aimed at leisure businesses looking for possibilities to extend their current activity portfolio by utilizing so far unused space (e.g. on the roof or on the ceiling of existing premises).

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Adrenaline for Thrillseekers!

If your targetgroup of customers is the thrill-seekers that like to live life "on the edge" by participating in somewhat "dangerous" activities, our thrill productline is your thing. These thrill products can be part of a complete adventure solution with ropes course, but can also be run as a single operation.

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Playing... naturally!

No, we certainly don't do any standard plastic playing equipment. If you are looking for playgrouns that blend into nature, our Natural Playgrounds portfolio is your thing. We design and construct unique outdoor playing grounds which are entirely in harmony with the natural environment on site, thus enabling children to play imaginatively and creatively.

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Custom-made timber constructions.. and more

In short, our "Adventurous Leisure" concepts cater for everything that can be built in timber: tree houses for children, a tree office for those who work from home, additional family space, guest quarters, wooden houses, visitor reception areas...only your imagination is the limit! By the way, the latest addition to our "Adventurous Leisure" project portfolio are our new ECO treetop walkways. Do you have something specific in mind? Talk to us. Anytime.

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