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Service & Care

Due care and maintenance is essential. Perform daily, weekly, and monthly checks and keep the units clean. Once a year the units need a thorough service.

During your Smart Belay’s annual service, the unit is completely disassembled, cleaned, and all damaged parts are replaced. It is then returned to you in refurbished condition. It’s also possible to detect and report improper use, which allows the owner and operator to take proper action and avoid future misuse.

Every Smart belay comes with a two year warranty that starts after the purchase. Misuse, damage, and abrasion due to improper handling or extensive use is not covered. The two year warranty is only valid if the required annual service is performed already after the first year. Any part that is replaced under warranty is automatically covered with a new warranty. Performing the annual service is as important as an oil change in your car, extending the life of your investment indefinitely.

The annual recertification protects you from being held liable for gross negligence due to system failure. The Smart Belay has an impeccable track record in which the annual service plays a big part. The service includes a full PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) inspection, as required by the relevant organizations.

Our Service Center provides fast turnarounds while maintaining strict quality assurance guidelines. We understand that each unit is directly tied to your revenue, but in order to avoid potential backlogs, we encourage you to send in your units right after your high season.

Edelrid Yearly Inspection Process:

  1. Send us an email stating your company details and the number of units you want serviced
  2. We will reply with info documents needed before sending in the units
  3. We will either arrange pick-up, or you can send the units in to our service center
  4. Depending on the status of the units (in or out of warranty, repair needed, etc.) we will start the agreed service process
  5. Units are returned

Inspection Rates Edelrid Smart Belay

Inspection rates    Price per Item* 
 Smart Belay Annual Inspection - Annual Inspection
- Cleaning and lubricating
- System diagnosis 
 € 39,00
 PPE - check for Smart Belay    € 15,00
 Extra cleaning costs    € 15,00
 Pick up for service  Depending on location, number of units  
 Return after service  Depending on location, number of units  

* Volume discounts available on request

Repairs & PPE Inspection

Edelrid Smart Belay Repair

We perform all necessary repairs on Smart Belays even if they have not been through the annual inspection process. The cost is determined by the unit’s condition, labor and parts needed. Having your unit repaired is easy. Simply send us an email beforehand and include a description of the problem with a confirmation that you will carry the basic inspection, reassembly and shipping fee, even if you would choose not to have the necessary repairs done.

PPE Service & Recertification

We are fully trained and certified to perform all PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) inspections in accordance the Norms and requirements. In most cases, we will ask you to send the equipment for inspection to our facility. There may be instances where we perform the inspection on site for an extra charge.

After the inspection, we send you a report and certificate on all passing units. In the event your equipment does not pass, we return the gear with a detailed report. Please remember you may be able to get defective units repaired, depending on the manufacturer. With the exception of the Edelrid Smart Belays, we do not perform repairs or part replacements.

Often, during a required park inspection, the examiner will also review the safety gear that is in use. Please make sure that the inspector is familiar with the Smart Belay and qualified to certify only the outer PPE parts of the Smart Belay.

A general PPE inspection qualification does not constitute a license to open a Smart Belay. Unauthorized opening of a Smart Belay will void the warranty and any manufacturer liability.