Our services are not only limited to realising a project according to your specifications. We are committed to help you from the moment you pan out your initial idea throughout the planning stage all the way to the eventual product. Our designers will support you during the development of a concept that attracts customers and provides a memorable outdoor experience. To achieve this, we are also working in close cooperation with experts in various fields, such as engineering, design and construction.

Surprise your customers!

Recent customer and market trends surveys suggest that outdoor leisure facilities whose operators chose to group their individual leisure activities related to a specific theme or common motto, achieve on average larger visitor numbers and LOS rates, a higher degree of customer satisfaction higher customer retention rates as well as increased customer spending levels on site. These observations are most pronounced in adventure or climbing parks, high ropes activity courses and forest playgrounds operated under a coherently structured overall concept.

A product which simply serves its purpose isn't enough in today's competitive markets. Customers expect to be surprised. Means, inspiration and experience are the key words in product development. And particularly in the Leisure & Recreation industry, customer expectations are sky-high.

Providing a climbing "experience" to your customers is therefore one of the key factors to successfully targeting your audience. Your specifications and the expectations of your customers are the basis for the development of our concepts.

To transform a collection of ideas into an all-encompassing concept aimed at providing your customers with a satisfying experience that will keep them coming back is our area of expertise. However, such concepts require a "holistic" approach, fully integrating any climbing park or high ropes activity course into its local natural surroundings.

Creating a memorable customer experience. The basics.

  • Any concept aimed at creating an experience is not simply a collection of random ideas
  • The concept needs to deliver a distinct, contemporary and lasting message that is easily communicable
  • The customer needs to be able to understand the message easily
  • The concept needs to offer opportunities for a customer experience on mulitple levels
  • The concept needs to lead to something authentic, something that feels "genuine" for the customers. This involves the material, conceptual, contextual and functional aspects of the product
  • The concept requires a thorough preliminary analysis of the behaviour and expectations of the customers within the respective target audience.

Our concepts regarding climbing parks and high ropes activity courses are tailored to the requirements and expectations of your target audience, using creative and innovative designs. This means that all our designs are unique – each design like none other. And our theme-specific climbing park designs are very popular with visitors of all age groups, providing more than just an opportunity to get physically active. They provide an experience.

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