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Our Adventurous Leisure product and service portfolio comprises designing unique and imaginative tree houses for private or commercial use. Tree houses are something very special. To make the concept work, tree houses need to be an integral part of the natural environment. Using solely natural and fully eco-compatible materials are therefore at the heart of all our designs.

Skywalker specialises in building tree houses in any shape or form – ranging from traditional log cabins to futuristic "Stealth" designs. We help you turning your visions and ideas into reality.

Tree houses for children.

For many of us, tree houses are part of our most cherished childhood memories. Nothing changed there! Tree houses still capture the imagination of children - a place to have fun, a secret "headquarter" for creative play, a space where imagination has no limits.

Apart from the all important creative design, children's health and safety is also top of our priority list. In this context, we offer a wide range of safety options, including Perspex windows, hand protection on doors, safe entry areas and special measures as far as the ground around the tree below the house is concerned.

A further option which turned out to be very popular with parents is the installation of a small wireless camera constantly monitoring the tree house...

Tree houses as additional living or work space.

Over the past years adults have also re-discovered the tree house. Many contemporary tree house designs are highly purpose-based, e. g. providing an additional living or guest room, offering a quiet and comfortable sanctuary to chill out, read, paint or write, being laid out as luxury country-style drawing rooms with a fireplace and satellite TV, serving as home office or even as "High-Tech company headquarters" for professionals running their own business.

Whatever you've got in mind, we offer a creative and comprehensive solution tailored to your individual requirements.

Tree houses for high ropes courses and adventure parks.

Many of our business customers are operating commercial climbing and adventure parks and commission tree houses on a regular basis. Most of these commissions are tree houses serving as "bridging" parts between two high ropes course layouts or as a node or junction points in a course network.

And if you are thinking about an entire "tree city", to create a breathtaking new visitor attraction in your Nature -, Theme- or Adventure park, don't hesitate to talk to us. We can help you with every aspect of the project – ranging from budgeting, design and construction to marketing and merchandise.