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Years of experience, innovation, and a never-ending search for new and exciting methods to construct outdoor exercise challenges have already assisted a huge number of customers in establishing lucrative outdoor climbing facilities. Our tactics for completing your project successfully are based on the following principles:
Collaboration at all levels is essential.
This entails openness, transparency, and collaboration. Every single time. And there are no better experts than children themselves when it comes to playing.
Group of workers
The formation of a working group, which includes everyone interested in the project, including your investors, is usually our first move. We know from experience that ensuring full support and cooperation from all parties requires a transparent and understandable project development process.
Our next step will be to obtain firsthand information by visiting the playground area. We usually schedule a meeting with the site management and operators in conjunction with this visit to have a better understanding of the local conditions.
Visit to the location
This phase entails a more thorough examination of the place, with an emphasis on ecological and functional elements, as well as any limitations or restrictions imposed by the location itself. We all know that there is rarely such a thing as the "ideal" location for a woodland playground.
Throughout this phase of the project, we develop a comprehensive concept based on the ideas and requirements discussed and agreed upon by all stakeholders during the working group meetings. This concept summarizes the goals, procedures, and tactics, and it will be given to the working group for approval and review once more.
Following a preliminary survey of the location, we typically spend a few days on site to develop preliminary sketches and early design proposals, working closely with your site management and operational employees. We will finalize the designs, determine the implementation plan, issue a quote, and submit the entire project layout for your approval once this is completed.
Realization of the project
As your contractor, we are perfectly capable of constructing your climbing park, high ropes course, or playground. You can, however, appoint us as project managers. Whatever responsibility you choose to give us, we will complete the job on time.
Public Relations, Marketing, and Promotions
It's always a good idea to let the public know when your ropes exercise course or forest climbing park for kids is about to open. Contact the local media as well as as many nurseries, kindergartens, schools, and sports clubs as you can.
Organizing Open Days, Customer Tours, or Taster Sessions allows you to put your new climbing park, high ropes activity course, or playground to the test. Which, if necessary, allows for the fine-tuning of operational procedures or the adjustment of equipment prior to become completely public.
If you want to make a big splash with your opening, enlist the help of a neighborhood art center, a dance troupe, or a local chainsaw artist. A make-up artist on hand is always a hit with a young audience.
Evaluation at the end
We will schedule a final meeting of the working group to discuss the project after the successful test run of your new climbing facilities. Any changes or improvements made as a result of the test run will be documented and included in the project handover documentation.