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Many years of experience, creativity and our continuous quest to find exciting and innovative ways of designing outdoor activity challenges have already helped a large number of customers to establish profitable outdoor climbing facilities. Our strategies for a successful completion of you project are based on the following principles:

Cooperation at all levels 

Which means communication, transparency and co-operation. All the time. And when it comes to playing there are no better experts available than the children themselves.

Working group

Our first step is normally the establishment of a working group which comprises everyone involved in the project, including your investors. We know from experience that a transparent and comprehensible project development process is the easiest way to ensure the full support and cooperation of all parties.

Our next move is gathering first hand information by visiting the area designated for the playground. In conjunction with this visit we normally arrange for a meeting with the site management and operators, to gain a detailed insight into the local conditions.

Site visit

This phase comprises an assessment of the area in more detail, focussing upon the ecological and functional aspects, including any limitations or restrictions caused by the location itself. We know that there hardly ever is such a thing like the "perfect" site for forest playground.

Concept development

During this phase of the project we use the ideas and requirements discussed and agreed upon by all parties during the working group meetings to develop a comprehensive concept. This concept summarises the targets, procedures and strategies and will be once more presented to the working group for review and approval.


After the preliminary assessment of the area we usually spend a couple of days on site to come up with preliminary sketches and initial design suggestions, thereby working in close cooperation with your site management and operational staff. Once this has been completed we will finalise the designs, determine the implementation plan, provide a quote and submit the entire project layout for your approval.

Project realisation

We are absolutely fine with assembling your climbing park, high ropes course or playground as your contractor. However, you can also appoint us as project managers. Whatever role you choose to assign to us – the project will be completed on time.

Marketing, Promotions & PR

Announcing the forthcoming opening of your ropes activity course or forest climbing park for children to the public is always a good strategy. Get in touch with the local media and as many nurseries, kindergartens, schools and sport clubs as possible.

Organising Open Days, Customer Tours or Taster Sessions also offers the opportunity for a real-life test run of your new climbing park, high ropes activity course or playground. Which, if necessary, enables the adjustment of equipment or fine-tuning operational procedures prior to going fully public.

And if you prefer to stage your opening on a grand scale why not involve the community art centre, a dancing group or the local chainsaw artist? And a make-up artist on site always goes down well with a young audience.

Final assessment

After the successful test run of your new climbing facilities we will arrange for a final meeting of the working group to review the project one more time. Any amendments or improvements carried out as a result of the test run will be included in the documentation as part of the project handover.