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Playing is one of the most natural things in the world. At least it should be. Although we might have our own views of what playing should involve, in the end, it is your ideas, requirements and specifications that will determine the eventual design of your playground. As a matter of principle, we select all our construction material according to the highest quality standards. Which guarantees the high play value, operational safety, durability and usability of any Skywalkers' natural playground.

Help fight the "Nature deficit disorder!"

Our designs always incorporate the conditions on site, utilising the potential of the given surroundings as much as possible so that children can get the most out of their playground. We consider the natural surroundings being an integral part of a playground and, thus, an essential contributing factor to maximise the playing opportunities for our young ones. Taking this into account, we know that "one size fits all" approaches are out of the question. We therefore supply a huge assortment of design concepts and playground equipment offering a solution tailored to your individual needs.

All items in our playground equipment catalogue are handmade. And we are more than happy to customize any equipment according to your specifications regarding age group, available space on site, functional requirements and overall appearance.