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If your targetgroup of customers is the thrill-seekers that like to live life "on the edge" by participating in somewhat "dangerous" activities, our thrill productline is your thing. These thrill products can be part of a complete adventure solution with ropes course, but can also be run as a single operation. 

More than a wild adrenaline rush, the Roller Coaster Zipline is a new breed of ride!

Technically advanced yet eco-conscious, the ZipCoaster is engineered to thrill both adventure seekers and adventure park owners alike. Give your riders something they have only dreamed about the ability to wind through the air, dipping and twisting at an amazing speed, filling them with exhilaration never before experienced!

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The ultimate Adventure Tower

Catering to the exploding adventure sports industry, the modular Adventure Tower is designed for maximum participant experience and throughput.

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The quickJump Free Fall Device provides an exciting amusement ride!

Providing high throughput and low operational costs to operators of amusement parks, family entertainment centers, adventure parks, shopping centers, resorts, ropes courses and more. The quickJump is modular and compact, making it easy to install and allowing the operator to reconfigure to keep the attraction fresh.

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Ziplines: let the magic of gravity do all the work!

The Zipwires captures everyone's attention! Zip line tours and canopy tours are the fastest growing adventure business today. Zip Lines can be built across a ravine, from towers, over a river, or through the trees. A series of tree top zip lines can really accentuate camp programs, resort guest options, or backyard fun! Poles, platforms, cables, ropes, bridges, and walkways lets visitors explore far above the ground. We can help you determine the costs and feasibility of a zipline as well as complete design and construction.

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