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The AirCruizer, a cable bicycle suspended at treetop level, transports riders high into the air, giving them an up-close view of the natural landscape and its intriguing inhabitants. Designed to be a fun and environmentally friendly method to get right in the middle of Mother Nature's most amazing places.
The AirCruizer is also well-suited to being suspended from a roof structure in an indoor setting (Family Entertainment Center, Fun Center, Trampoline Park).

The AirCruizer route was created specifically to highlight the most intriguing aspects of your locality. The AirCruizer is designed to be environmentally friendly and self-propelled, allowing it to interact with the ride's natural surroundings.
Using this as an outdoor educational tool is incredibly exciting, not only because of the experience, but also because of the potential impact we may have with kids and adults! The AirCruizer is expected to bring people from all over the world closer to nature and foster a new appreciation for the stunning landscapes that the typical person today rarely sees.

AirCruizer Installations

  • In Nature, using trees or poles
  • In an Urban setting, using poles 
  • In an Indoor setting at a Family Entertainment Center, Fun center or Trampoline Park, suspended on the roof construction or using poles

We offer both cable and rail installations for the AirCruizer. Cable installations ar mostly used in outdoor situations where longer tracks are installed. Installations on a rail system are implemented in situations with limited space available and in installations suspended on the roof construction. For longer tracks or rides that need to overcome a height difference, we also offer an electric auxiliary motor. 

Innovative Design & Enginering

The AirCruizer has been in operation for many years as a fun and environmentally friendly method to get right in the middle of some of Mother Nature's most amazing spots. The AirCruizer is the result of years of manufacturing experience and study, and it was designed with fun and safety in mind. The AirCruizer can also be suspended from a roof structure in an interior setting (Family Entertainment Center, Fun Center, Trampoline Park).

Fully tested and ready for installation throughout the world, the AirCruizer is leading the way in the new outdoor adventure market, and is set to revolutionize the outdoor adventure industry.

AirCruizer options

  • Riding on a Rail or Cable system
  • Mounted on trees, poles, roof construction or combination of these
  • Company branded bikes, theming options
  • Single rider or bikes with duo seats (also tandem setup)
  • Electric auxiliary motor

Quality in design

The AirCruizer is a low-maintenance ride thanks to its high-quality design, materials, and craftsmanship. This model is nearly maintenance free and as easy to maintain as a bicycle thanks to improved drive trains, unique wheel systems, and high quality materials.
The AirCruizer is simple to maintain and operate on a daily basis because to our real-world, time-tested maintenance and inspection program, which results in virtually no on-line breakdowns. The Maintenance and Inspection manual explains how to care for your AirCruizers on a regular basis, reducing downtime and increasing revenue.


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