The ECO Treetop walk, an unique chance!

Everybody is familiar with the various very succesful treetopwalks in Europe. A unique and very successful concept that is well integrated with a variety of nature experience activities.

Because of the growing demand on this kind of recreational facilities, Skywalker has developed a natural wooden alternative. In our opignion metal should be appllied as little as possible in nature, and the current technical possibilities also make it possible to build the Treetop walk out of wood.

Nature experience on the highest level!

This natural version of the Treetop walk is safe and accessible for everyone. Young and old can use this unique facility, and experience nature in a completely different way. Such a path will be a unique experience for all ages, even for the disabled. The design concept uses innovative technologies and sustainable materials, so that it harmonious integrates with the natural environment.

The design is available in various heights and can be combined with lookout towers, suspension bridges, rope bridges, tree and stairs in various designs. The wooden ECO treetopwalk of Skywalker is excellent to combine with sportive nature experience, a climbing forest, a climbing park, play nature or a naturepath.