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What are ECO forest climbing parks?

The ECO high-wire forestparks are outdoor entertainment facilities. Initially located in forests (as a stand-alone feature), over the past years, climbing parks have also become part of e.g. outdoor leisure centres as well as local or regional Health and Recreation facilities. High rope courses as part of forest adventure parks consist of a subsequent number of activity parcours with varying difficulty levels. Climbing parks thus provide a wide range of stimulating outdoor activities for almost everybody - from children to adults, from individuals to families or groups of friends, from people who like the occasional physical activity (or simply want to try something different for a change) to the super-fit who exercise regularly.

Apart from their primary objective to entertain the general public, climbing parks also focus on local or regional businesses which recognize the importance of having fun and "doing things together" when it comes to team building and boosting team spirit and which, in this context, organise e.g. outdoor activity days for employees and management. 

Forest High Wire Parks. A unique concept. A unique design. A unique experience. 

  • Experience nature. Turning outdoor activities into a unique experience for visitors of all age groups is what makes your high rope activity course or forest adventure park a public attraction. The key requirements are premises of an appropriate size as well as the integration of the climbing facilities into their natural surroundings on site.
  • Blending in with nature. The use of natural and eco-friendly building material and matching visual design principles ensure that the climbing park becomes an integral part of its environment.
  • Keeping trees healthy is paramount. Our concepts include annual inspections and treatment of the trees by a certified tree specialist, a central data base containing all site-specific vegetation-related data and the pre-examination of the trees by ultrasound tomography prior to the installation of the climbing park.
  • Advanced technology. Our R & D department is one of the best in Europe when it comes to "dynamic" designs. Our concepts take into consideration the natural growth of the trees that serve as the platforms for our activity courses, allowing for a continuous adjustment of the parcours thus preserving the health of the trees.
  • We won't compromise on qualtiy and safety. We only use high quality building material which comes at a price. However, the return on this "initial" investment are large visitor numbers, a high degree of customer satisfaction as well as an increased customer loyalty, which, taken together, ensure the profitability of your climbing park in the short and the long term.
  • First-rate inspection and maintenance services. The continuous operational reliability and safety of your climbing park is guaranteed by one of our comprehensive maintenance contracts. The terms of our contracts can be entirely tailored to your specific requirements regarding the frequency and extent of work to be carried out under such an agreement.

What do we offer?

We design and supply turnkey forest climbing parks and high ropes activity courses for a wide range of businesses mostly (but not exclusively) in the Tourist, Health, Leisure and Recreation sector. For many of our customers, ECO forest adventure parks have been first choice to either diversify further pre-existing facilities on their site or to provide a fresh and ecologically friendly concept of recreational outdoor activities. Furthermore, forest climbing parks in conjunction with holiday resorts as well as with hotel, restaurant and catering in general offer a lucrative business opportunity.