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Certified in accordance with EN341:2011-1A and EN360:2002

The “Most Tested. Most Trusted. Most Tru.” Auto Belay in the world just passed another BIG test!

Saferoller & Speedrunner continuous belay systems offer important safety advantages

Create thrill and excitement with Saferoller & Speedrunner continuous belay systems. Maximize the adrenaline rush. Navigate zip lines and other obstacles in high ropes courses, climbing and aerial adventure parks, amusement parks, theme parks and via ferret at heights of up to 40 meters.

Experience safe, adrenaline-filled and carefree adventure

Innovative designed and manufactured continuous belay systems for the aerial adventure industry.

New design. Higher performance. Attractive pricing.

The new, economical Saferoller® V3 is loaded with innovative features. Introducing the new Dyneema/Nylon blend strap with 360° swivel system. With a higher center of gravity, weight is transferred directly to the trolley.

Resorts already have many assets that will benefit them when working to grow their summer business: beautiful scenery, infrastructure at the base, a pool of potential employees, and name recognition.