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The purpose of this white paper is to identify the nine most common mistakes seen on zip lines and eliminate them. It’s important from an operational standpoint to address these factors because eliminating them will significantly decrease participant risk. 

Our primary goal is to get your QUICKjump Free Fall Device up and running, bringing thrills and unique excitement to your facility. We want your customers to love it, to come back again and again, and to tell all their friends.

The challenge Lack of rider weight and/or environmental conditions such as head/side winds can cause the zip trolley to stop just short of the end of the zipline- and to exacerbate the problem, the zip trolley then rolls backwards, leaving the rider stranded half way along the zipline. 

As the knowledge and development organization in the field of challenging adventure concepts, we address the four major trends in the adventure industry: safety, expanding and differentiated offerings, adding exciting attractions that generate new revenues and zipline trolley innovation.

The longest underground adventure in the world is set to launch - adding another adrenaline pumping attraction to the region. Five kilometres long the course includes the planet’s deepest zip wire, a seated zip ride, a 70ft freefall, and the deepest accessible point, 1,300ft underground. It’s a staggering...