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Fear, you would think, is a negative experience, to be avoided whenever possible. Yet, as everyone who has a child or once was one knows, children love to play in risky ways—ways that combine the joy of freedom with just the right measure of fear to produce the exhilarating blend known as thrill.  Children are highly motivated to play in risky ways, but...
Children would rather be playing outdoors than watching television, but parents' concerns keep them indoors, a survey suggests. 
"Parents and carers feel that it's beneficial for children to take risks when playing, but remain risk-averse in providing them with the freedom and scope to embark on play that helps them make independent judgments...
According to Richard Louv, 2008 Audubon Medal Recipient and author of Last Child in the Woods, kids today are becoming more and more removed from nature, at the expense of their own psychological and physical well being. Children are spending more time in structured activities and on electronic devices, leaving little time for unstructured ...

This is an unique opportunity to convert a (unused) cavern or mine into a high throughput adventure solution. This new adventure solution can easily be combined with exciting zipline's, klettersteig trails and free-fall options.

Most likely the thought hasn't crossed your mind because aside from the few who like to sky dive or bungee jump, most of us prefer to keep our feet firmly on the ground. Even though we started with auto belays for the climbing industry, we are technically in the business of falling.