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The Saferoller ZipEye helps reduce the risk of collision on Ziplines by controlling and manage physical access. Once one Trolley has passed the start bracket, the start bracket stays closed for new trolleys, until the first Trolley has passed the stop bracket. Simple and safe!

The zipBACK Auto Retract mechanism quickly returns the pulley cart back to the top of the zip wire. Once riders are unhooked, the Auto-Retract system returns the trolley back to the top of the line in just a couple of seconds ready for the next rider. This helps to maintain a high level of throughput and ensures operating is as smooth and easy for staff as possible. No winches to activate, no need to remove trolleys, and no need to worry about lowering devices, all of which slow down throughput.

The ZipCoaster as perfect addition to an indoor venue!

Most indoor venues (Jump Arena’s, Mall’s or Family Entertainment Center’s) have unutilized roof space above their current activities. The ZipCoaster can be installed using the roof structure, bringing a new exciting adventure to the existing activities offering.

The ZipCoaster as perfect addition for unutilized roof space at indoor venues

Testing our latest indoor installation of the #ZipCoaster for Family Entertainment Centers and Trampoline Parks. The integrated lift solution allows installation in areas with limited height.

Start the new 2020 season with your Smart Belays in perfect working condition!

The annual service includes a complete functional inspection, maintenance, cleaning, lubrication and if necessary, an adjustment of the Bowden cable of the Smart Belay.

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