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New design. Higher performance. Attractive pricing.

The new, economical Saferoller® V3 is loaded with innovative features. Introducing the new Dyneema/Nylon blend strap with 360° swivel system. With a higher center of gravity, weight is transferred directly to the trolley.

Resorts already have many assets that will benefit them when working to grow their summer business: beautiful scenery, infrastructure at the base, a pool of potential employees, and name recognition.

Just some progress shots of the zipcoaster we are currently construction in the UK. One of the unique features of this RollerCoaster Zipline is that the ride is going to be wheelchair accessible! 

On ongoing basis we are looking for independent professionals (Junior and Senior experience level) in Timber Construction to join the Skywalker team. Our projects are worldwide, but the next few are EU based.

With Disney set to open Star Wars-themed lands at two of its parks in 2019, people of all alliances can expect a thorough mashing-up of the iconic film franchise and Disneyland’s thrills. But one perfect combination of ride and movie, a combination that’s really just sitting there waiting to be implemented, would be a roller coaster zipline running through the forests of Endor.