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THERE’S plenty of things we can do to help our children grow into creative, happy and resilient adults. There’s after-school tutoring, music lessons and a suite of extra-curricular activities.But one of the best things we can do is let them play in the natural world. Let them climb trees, jump in...
"We give them space to explore and to fall down, to fail, to pick themselves up and try again until they have mastered what they seek to master at every stage."

Turn your arena or stadium into an adventure center. 
Boost your event, free-falling is the bomb. 

Head Rush Technologies Announces Pricing, Specs, and Release Dates For FlightLine
We excited to announce pricing, specs, and the expected release date for our newest adventure and amusement product. FlightLine Commercial Free Fall Device is a revolutionary free fall ride, taking your visitors to new heights. Step up and take flight with FlightLine—coming Summer 2015.

We are always looking for new ways to integrate our devices into existing recreation or adventure industries, like adding the QuickJump / QuickFlight Free Fall Devices into Ropes Courses. Here are some ways to use a QuickJump / QuickFlight to set your facility apart.