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The ZipCoaster as perfect addition for unutilized roof space at indoor venues

Testing our latest indoor installation of the #ZipCoaster for Family Entertainment Centers and Trampoline Parks. The integrated lift solution allows installation in areas with limited height.

Start the new 2020 season with your Smart Belays in perfect working condition!

The annual service includes a complete functional inspection, maintenance, cleaning, lubrication and if necessary, an adjustment of the Bowden cable of the Smart Belay.

The TRUBLUE has already met this standard.

A short time ago, we announced that we updated our TRUBLUE Auto Belay CE certification and that the device is now certified and tested to 10x the Class A of EN341:2011 standard.

Certified in accordance with EN341:2011-1A and EN360:2002

The “Most Tested. Most Trusted. Most Tru.” Auto Belay in the world just passed another BIG test!

Saferoller & Speedrunner continuous belay systems offer important safety advantages

Create thrill and excitement with Saferoller & Speedrunner continuous belay systems. Maximize the adrenaline rush. Navigate zip lines and other obstacles in high ropes courses, climbing and aerial adventure parks, amusement parks, theme parks and via ferret at heights of up to 40 meters.