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All zip line rider trolleys and redirection pulleys are built for maximum durability and minimal maintenance, and regular inspection is a critical step to ensure users get the maximum benefit of these products. This white paper is meant to supplement the user manuals for the LightSpeed Impact, EZ Clip, and Micro zip line trolleys and Head Rush Precision Redirection Pulley.

Climbing gyms around the world plan a reopening strategy, we are all looking for ways to balance maximum access to our facility with the health and safety of our staff and climbers. With potential measures like reduced gym capacities, mandatory reservations with time allotments, and climber distancing enforcement on the horizon it will be important to efficiently manage climber flow and facility cleaning. 

Much great work has been done around the world by the adventure industry to address the ongoing business concerns caused by the COVID-19 shutdowns. It’s been amazing to see professionals band together in transparency and help each other figure out industry solutions to minimize the long-term impacts of this pandemic. As we get closer to reopening, it’s clear that it’s not going to be business as usual, especially in the immediate future.

Some of the most dynamic and exciting Fun Climb activities are elevated, hands-free climbing challenges. This white paper discusses any variation of an element without any part of the structure designed for participants’ hands. In these elements a participant ascends or traverses until he or she completes the element and egresses, falls prematurely, or descends prematurely by will. These elements are a great test of balance and confidence.

One of our primary goals is to help mitigate risk in the zip line industry and increase education on the use of our products. With these goals in mind, we have published a new white paper on Additional Information Regarding EADs. This white paper answers some of the most common questions we received regarding our previous Emergency Arrest Device (EAD) White Paper and clarifies our stance on EADs for lines using the zipSTOP Zip Line Brake.

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