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We are always looking for new ways to integrate our devices into existing recreation or adventure industries, like adding the QuickJump / QuickFlight Free Fall Devices into Ropes Courses. Here are some ways to use a QuickJump / QuickFlight to set your facility apart.

The Impact Trolley is the only trolley on the market designed specifically for impact braking.
Engineered specifically for the zipSTOP Zip Line Brake system, the Impact Trolley provides smoother braking, enhanced rider experience, reduced cable wear, and decreased rider risk. Use the zipSTOP Zip Line Brake and Impact Trolley together for the most cohesive, efficient, and cost-effective zip line operation possible.

Since the 1970s, the playground has been a battlefield for this epic conflict: the best ideas of public health and safety engineering against the entropic impulses of children themselves. Parks and schools – driven by worries about injury and concerns about maintenance – have aggressively purged playgrounds of danger, and of life.

This innovation allows the use of a braking system together with a continuous system without any disassemble. The zip line can be integrated directly on the continuous course. SafeStop is continuous gripper for zip line brake. This innovation allows the use of a braking system together with a continuous safety line...

Here’s the tool you have been waiting for. Today marks a new phase in the move to a more balanced, thoughtful approach to risk management risk in children’s play and learning, with the launch of a short, easy-to-use assessment tool.
The risk benefit assessment (RBA) form for the first time gives councils, schools and others an authoritative, practical...