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What are junk and adventure playgrounds? Adventure  playgrounds are in bold contrast to the modern playgrounds you’ll see around Ireland today which are planned and built according to minimum safety standards. Images of adventure playgrounds show ram shackled dens, old tyres and pipes upon a barren waste ground. They are certainly set apart from traditional playgrounds...

In the US the ACCT, the Association of Challenge Course Technology, mandates that all zip lines have a backup braking system. Here’s the details to help you get in compliance with your zip line’s emergency arrest device.

Granted, there’s an intrusive, theme park feel to some canopy walks. But they do tap a generational desire for more extreme experiences in nature. Zip-lining and rope-and-harness tree-climbing do that, too. For people with disabilities, those methods are probably more inclusive than canopy walks that require climbing flights of stairs into the treetops. One canopy...
There are only a handful of these "wild playgrounds" in the country. They embrace the theory that free, unstructured play is vital for children and offer an antidote to the hurried lifestyles, digital distractions and overprotective parents that can leave children few opportunities to really cut loose.
It's really central that kids are able to take their natural...
The Many Benefits of Outdoor Play In Kindergarten
For the typical kindergartner, unstructured free play during the school day consists of 20 to 30 minutes of recess, and perhaps some time at indoor “stations” — perhaps creating with building blocks, costumes, or musical instruments. But what if there was more? What if the answer to “what did you do in school today?” was, “I climbed a t...